• What About Us



    We will meet every Tuesday. 6.08pm at the accustomed place. I’ll smile and run to you when see you. You will give me a hug and a big kiss on the lips. I’ll be shy, look around and say don’t do this in public. We will cross the street, holding hands. We are going to park tavern.

    We will meet every Friday night. You will have a gig. I’ll yell your name while you playing, and clap as hard as I can. When the fans come to talk to you, I’ll grab your hands and be very possessive. We are going to get drunk and have some barbecue on the street. And also the wanton place on Baise road. I’ll have to wait on our way back, because you have to pee, again, in the dark.

    It will be almost eleven when we wake up next day. You will make tea, and complain I make you lazy, and rush me out of bed. I’ll insist you teaching me drum and you just want to leave the house asap. We will go somewhere in the afternoon and buy some DVD when back. You will make Mexican food and I’ll help. We will lie on the couch watching movie after dinner. You will make the sound of satisfying because you like me stroke your hair. I’ll stroke your chest and belly before you bend to kiss me. We will cuddle to bed, and have a very good sleep.

    We will still go try new restaurants and new food. Our stomach, or your stomach more precisely, might hurt afterwards though. Or I might cook instead. I will get rid of the throne and bones out of fish and chicken for you.

    We will have to go to some galleries and museums more. We said it tons of times, but never did.

    We will still go to cafe and try writing songs.

    We will text each other everyday; every message will end up with x.

    I will still be annoying, nagging drink more hot water all the time. And you will still nagging me about my money issues everyday.

    We can live like this for one year, two years, or more. I want a future with you in it.

    It can be beautiful.

    It's almost four am now, I m writing this on my phone. There are still lots of We will, but the battery is dying. I heard mum and dad talking next room. It’s nice to have someone to talk to when wake up in the midnight. It’s like me saying, I had a dream, it was so real, and so sad, make me cry. And you will hold me and comfort, it’s alright, it’s just a dream. Everything is going to be alright.

    And I will fall asleep again, in your arms.

                                                                                            --An Email to A one late night.



  • 亲爱的麦,看完以后,我完全理解你对这段感情的拖沓和优柔寡断。以后,我再也不会反对你了……我只会倾听
    2012-02-14 09:32:10